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African Butterfly Cichlid

Anomalochromis thomasi

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Natural Range: West Africa, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea

Source: Tank bred and raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 1-1.25"

Max Size: 3"

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Overview: A great fish for the beginning cichlid keeper but also an interesting fish for the advanced hobbyist. These fish will tolerate a wide range of water parameters and can tolerate both acidic and alkaline conditions. As they grow, they will develop black bars and a red blaze across the top of their dorsal fin. They do well in small groups but, like most cichlids, may show aggression should a pair develop and decide to spawn.

Setup Considerations: Can be kept with live plants and may actually use the leaves of broad leafed plants as a spawning site. Also, consider some medium sized flat rocks for them to lay their eggs on. They are very peaceful, but are still cichlids so providing line-of-sight breaks if keeping multiple specimens together will help keep harmony in the tank.

Specific Care Requirements: Can be kept with other similarly sized, peaceful fish. A community of west African killifish, barbs and catfish would look especially appropriate with these cichlids.

Diet: Prepared, live and frozen foods.

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