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Take a look at the special skills beyond fish savvy we're looking to add to the team. Current opportunities require your physical presence in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Content Creator

Do you love freshwater Aquarium Fish? Do you know your way around a video camera and editing software? Dan's Fish is seeking a full time Content Creator to create and place videos on Youtube, create and place social media posts, and help us create our monthly newsletter.

Don't know about Dan's Fish yet? We are a direct to consumer online seller of live freshwater aquarium fish. You can learn all about us on our Youtube channel here: Dan's Fish YouTube

Our mission is to create a more humane supply chain for live aquarium fish and make sure our customers receive healthy fish that thrive. This industry was established shortly after WWII and its ethos and operations have not changed much since that time. Currently, fish are frequently in transit for extended periods and change hands many times as they move through the supply chain. This results in stressed out fish with compromised immune systems which don't do well for the end consumer.

At Dan's Fish, we have humanized the supply chain by shortening it so fish are only in transit for a day or two. In addition, we take the time to help the fish destress, settle in, and regain their full health and vigor before sending them on to our customers. This results in healthy fish which thrive for the end consumer.

We are seeking a Content Creator to help tell our story and let people know there is a more humane source of aquarium fish. This is a startup company which has already established proof of concept, product market fit, and is expanding rapidly. We are currently constructing a new facility which will allow us to multiply our offerings manyfold and are looking for a Content Creator to grow with us.

If this sounds like you, please email a resume and cover letter to