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Congo Spotted Puffer, Pair (1M1F)

Harvested from Nature

Tetraodon schoutedeni

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Details -

Natural Range: Congo Basin, Pool Malebo

Source: Harvested from Nature

Estimated size at shipping: 2-3"

Max Size: around 3-4"

Sold as: Pair (1M1F)


We caught this pair in the act, so we're offering them up together.

These freshwater puffers from Africa are a holy grail in the puffer world. They can be kept solo or in groups as long as there are several to disperse aggression. We treat all of our puffers with Flubendazole and Levamisole, and make sure they're nice and plump before selling. Our fat and sassy Congo Spotted Puffers have been frequently spawning in our tanks.

Diet: Carnivore

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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