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Gold Ring Hillstream Loach

Harvested from Nature

Sewellia albisuera

Current Price: $29.99

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Details -

Natural Range: Vietnam

Source: Harvested from Nature

Estimated size at shipping: Around 3", give or take a bit

Max Size: around 2.5-3"

Sold as: Unsexed


We've consulted with a loach enthusiast and we are fairly certain tht this is Sewellia albisuera, a cousin of the popular Reticulated Hillstream Loach which has a finer lined, lacier pattern and irridescent gold blotches on its back. It is hard to get the gold on camera, but it is there! Same behavior and same care as S. lineolata, just something a bit different for Sewellia keepers.

Diet: Omnivore

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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