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Redtail Goodeid, Trio (1M2F)

Aquarium Bred and Raised

Xenotoca eiseni

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Details -

Natural Range: Mexico

Source: Aquarium Bred and Raised

Estimated size at shipping: 0.75-1"

Max Size: around 2.5-3"

Sold as: Trio (1M2F)


A colorful livebearer that is a lot of fun. A customer described adding goodeids to their tank like adding a pack of cats looking for trouble, and that is the perfect description for goodeids. While not overly aggressive, they're very curious, and always up to mischief.

Setup Considerations:

These do well in planted tanks and are prolific breeders. Provided enough cover, the fry are very easy to take care of.

While these fish can take normal tropical water temperature, they much prefer it on the cooler side. Upper 60s to mid-70s are ideal.

Diet: Omnivore

These are eating pellets and flakes. Vegetable matter is an important part of their diet.

Ratings & Reviews:

Location: Wyoming, United States

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