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Limia perugiae "Boca de Cachon"

Hobbyist Bred and Raised in the USA

Limia perugiae "Boca de Cachon"

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Natural Range: Hispaniola, Haiti, Dominican Republic

Source: Hobbyist Bred and Raised in the USA

Estimated size at shipping: 0.75-2"

Max Size: around 3-4"

Sold as: Unsexed


An uncommon, peaceful livebearer from the Caribbean. Females give birth to 10-25 fry about every thirty days.

Setup Considerations:

These do well in planted tanks and are prolific breeders. Provided enough cover, the fry are very easy to take care of.

In the wild, these fish constantly pick at algae and microorganisms, so an established tank with plants and wood is very beneficial to them.

Diet: Omnivore

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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