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Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp, (4 pack)

Bred and Raised Right Here at Dan's Fish

Caridina dennerli

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Natural Range: Lake Matano

Source: Bred and Raised Right Here at Dan's Fish

Estimated size at shipping: 0.25-0.5"

Max Size: around 0.5-1"

Sold as: (4 pack)


One of the most beautiful freshwater shrimp. They remind us of tiny saltwater peppermint shrimp. They're constantly waving their white arms around foraging for food.

Setup Considerations:

These are tropical shrimp that need warmer water above 78 degrees to thrive. They're completely peaceful and do well in nano communities.

They can be very finicky to change and do best in stable well established tanks.

Diet: Omnivore

These shrimp graze on algae, biofilm, and decaying organic material. We offer them pellets and zucchini along with powdered shrimp food.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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