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Giant Rabbit Snail - 3 Pack

Tylomelania patriarchalis

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Disclaimer: Wild caught snails often come with some shell damage.

Natural Range: Lake Matano

Estimated Size at Shipping: 1.25-1.75" give or take a bit

Max Size: 4.5"

Sold unsexed

Overview: These snails are voracious eaters and actively move all times of the day. They aren't asexual and reproduce at a reasonable rate, so you won't get overrun overnight.

Setup Considerations: These guys do well in most tanks. They can be shy if there are fish that nip at their antennae. They burrow into the substrate, so sand makes this easier, but isn't required.

Specific Care: Snails need calcium for their shells. Supplementing with crushed coral or Tums might be required for them to maintain their shells.

Diet: Scavenging Omnivore. They'll eat algae and biofilm, but do require to be fed in most cases. We feed ours Algae pellets, Massivore, and zucchini.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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