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Aplocheilus blockii - Pairs

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Sold in pairs of 1M/1F

A diminutive killifish which generally hangs out at the surface, these little gems top out at about 1.25", give or take a bit. They are a hardy, peaceful species which does well in a community aquarium with appropriately sized fish.

This species is a non-annual killifish and, as such, it has the same lifespan as most other small aquarium fish. These are not picky eaters and are actively eating flakes, pellets, frozen, live, and Repashy foods.

This fish is great for keeping livebearer populations under control. They don't bother anything that does not fit into their mouths, but they are active hunters and are happy to supplement their diet with newly born guppy fry and the like. I keep them in aquariums with livebearers when I don't want to become overloaded with fry, and they do the trick.

These are jumpers. Please make sure you have a tight fitting lid on their aquarium.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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