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Geophagus megasema

Aquarium Bred and Raised

Geophagus megasema

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Details -

Natural Range: Upper Rio Madeira basin

Source: Aquarium Bred and Raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 1.75-2" give or take a bit

Max Size: 7"

Sold unsexed

Overview: These guys get their name from the large spot they get on their side. G. megasema are peaceful cichlids that prefer to be in groups, but keeping just an individual is fine too.

Setup Considerations: These are great community cichlids. While they will eat any fish that fits in their mouth, they aren't aggressive towards other fish.

Specific Care Requirements: Sand is an important part of their environment. They actively sift sand throughout the day looking for little organisms and pieces of food.

Diet: Omnivore. These guys aren't picky and are eating prepared foods like flakes and pellets.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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