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Platinum Halfbeak

Aquarium Bred and Raised

Dermogenys pusilla

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Details -

Source: Aquarium Bred and Raised

Estimated size at shipping: 1-1.5"

Max Size: around 2-2.5"

Sold as: Unsexed


These beautiful little fish remind me of miniature Alligator Gars. Their metallic sheen can vary from gold to silver to platinum to bronze.

These diminutive livebearing predators come from a truly unique group of fish. Unlike most fish, which lower their bottom jaw to feed, these guys have a hinged top jaw which they lift to feed. However, even though they are predators, they have small mouths and remain small. They only grow to around 2"... a bit bigger for females. Because of this, they are a wonderful option for the surface zone of an aquarium as they tend to stay up top and don't have a big enough mouth to bother most fish.

Setup Considerations:

Some surface cover, such as floating plants, will help them feel comfortable. They tend to congregate at the edges of the plants waiting for food to appear.

THESE FISH JUMP!!! Please be sure to have a tight fitting lid on your aquarium if you want to keep this species.

Diet: Carnivore

These are currently eating on flakes, pellets, and fruit flies. They seem to eat anything that fits in their mouths as long as it stays near the surface.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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