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Purple Pencilfish 'Rio Huallaga'

Harvested from Nature

Nannostomus rubrocaudatus

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Details -

Natural Range: Rio Huallaga

Source: Harvested from Nature

Estimated size at shipping: 0.75-1"

Sold as: Unsexed


Pencilfish are a peaceful cousin of Tetras. They have elongated bodies and little mouths. Coming in a wide assortment of colors and patterns, they're a great addition to planted, community tanks.

Setup Considerations:

Pencilfish are a schooling fish and prefer to be in large groups of their own species. They're a great addition to planted tanks and will readily spawn provided clean water and high protein food.


Pencilfish have small mouths, so nano pellets and crushed flakes are great foods. Supplementing with live foods like microworms and baby brine is always suggested.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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