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Zebra Acara - Juveniles

Hobbyist Bred and Raised in the USA

Ivanacara adoketa

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Details -

Natural Range: Rio Negro system, Brazil

Source: Aquarium Bred and Raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 1 - 1.5" give or take a bit

Max Size: 4" for males, females stay a bit smaller

Sold Unsexed

Overview: A rare gem of a fish, these personable dwarf cichlids are real stunners when they color up. This is a "bucket list" species for a lot of folks, and we are thrilled to have some available!

Setup Considerations: Lots of nooks, crannies, caves and other hardscape which results in line-of-sight blockages will help a colony of these fish settle in and avoid conspecific aggression when needed. Males can be quite aggressive towards each other. This species appreciates a substrate of fine sand and will color up nicely on light colored sand substrate.

Specific Care Requirements: The breeder of this fish told me they don't like high temperatures and start getting weak in the 80's F. However, other breeders have told me they are just fine up to about 82 F, so there seems to be different experiences regarding temperature. Everyone agrees that somewhere in the 74 F to 78 F will work well.

Diet: These fish are not picky and will eat most standard aquarium fare. Ours eat well on flakes, sinking pellets, wafers, frozen, and live foods. They tend to eat near the bottom, so sinking foods are recommended. Although chiefly carnivores, rotating algae wafers and other veggies into their diet will help them live longer, healthier lives.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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