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Pseudomystus heokhuii

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Details -

Natural Range: Sumatra

Source: Harvested from Nature

Estimated Size at Shipping: 2-2.5" give or take a bit

Max Size: 2.5" give or take a bit

Sold Unsexed

Overview: This bumblebee catfish is new to the hobby. They are peaceful and can be kept with most fish that won't fit in their mouth. These are a schooling fish that have an interesting color pattern.

Setup Considerations: They appreciate a lot of caves, driftwood, and rocks to hide. With adequate cover, they will settle in sooner.

Specific Care Requirements: Clean water is important for the long term maintenance of these fish. Mature tanks are better for them because they are sensitive to the ammonia and nitrite fluctuations which can occur in new setups.

Diet: Peaceful Carnivore. These fish will eat standard aquarium fare from the bottom of the tank.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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