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Blue Guianacara

Guianacara owroewefi

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Natural Range: The Guiana Shield, northern edge of South America

Source: Tank bred and raised

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Max Size: 4-5"

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Overview: The blue guianacara is a relatively peaceful cichlid that can be kept in pairs or small groups. This is a bold species that will be out and about and begging for food once it settles in. Their downturned mouth suggests that they have evolved to find their meals on the bottom of their habitats and in nature, they search sandy substrates for worms and small crustaceans. However, we have found that they disturb the substrate less than other eartheaters and generally won't harm an aquascape as much as Geophagus. As with nearly every other cichlid species a dominant male may emerge from the group and rule the tank. Parents will provide care and protection for their young and chase away any perceived threats. Tankmates such as tetras and community oriented catfish species make for a well rounded South American display.

Setup Considerations: Although not particularly aggressive, if multiple specimens are kept together in an aquarium, decorations which create line-of-sight blockages will help everyone get along. They can be kept with live plants.

Specific Care Requirements: They will appreciate a fine substrate so that they may gently sift for food without injuring themselves.

Diet: Will take prepared, frozen and live foods.

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