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Procatopus aberrans

Procatopus cf. aberrans "Port Harcourt" CI-DF11-6-2018

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Details -

These are all males.

I just found out from Jouke Vdz, an internationally respected fish expert, that this is actually Procatopus aberrans, not Procatopus similis. They are closely related and have the same behavior/care as similis. Thanks, Jouke, for clarifying what these are! - 1/11/2019

My favorite lampeye! These are gregarious, peaceful, and colorful fish. Their beauty is subtle, but not so subtle that saying it is "subtle" is just a nice way of saying that they lack color. These have plenty of color, but it is in a pastel pallet as opposed to gaudy, saturated tones.

Hardy and easy to feed, this fish eats anything it can fits in its mouth. Flakes, pellets, frozen foods, live foods, and Repashy are all consumed with gusto.

This lampeye killifish does best in a group where it can shoal around the aquarium with others of its kind. Like all lampeyes, the bigger the group the better!

An easy fish to keep and to breed. If you are new to lampeyes, these are a great choice.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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