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Drape Fin Barb

Oreichthys crenuchoides

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Estimated Size at Shipping: 0.75-1" give or take a bit

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My favorite barb of all time. The males have a stunning dorsal fin which they display when sparing, spawning, or just feeling frisky. They are truly mind blowing!

These are a slow, peaceful barb...nothing like the fast swimming tiger barbs, cherry barbs, and other semi-aggressive cyprinids. In my experience, these don't out compete their tank mates for food like most barbs in the hobby. A great choice for a peaceful community aquarium with other appropriately sized fishes. Male drapefin barbs grow to about 2 ", give or take a bit. The females remain a bit smaller. The fish for sale are young adults.

This is not a schooling fish, but it does like to pal around with its own species and will show its best colors and behavior in a group.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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