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Pearlscale Geophagus

Good Choice for Cool Water

Geophagus brasiliensis

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Natural Range: South Eastern Brazil and Uruguay.

Estimated Size at Shipping: 2.5"

Max Size: 6"-9"

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Overview: In the wild, this species has a large distribution and is found in waters of many different parameters from fresh to brackish, acidic to hard, and everything in between. These are highly adaptable and are one of the easier Geophagus species to keep. They have a wide temperature tolerance and are perfectly happy in the low-mid 60s F on up to the low 80s F. In addition to being hardy, they are also quite beautiful, making them an ideal aquarium inhabitant.

Setup Considerations: A sandy substrate would be appreciated as these fish feed by taking substrate into their mouths, removing bits of food, and expelling the cleaned through their gills.

Specific Care Requirements: While these are peaceful cichlids, they are still cichlids and will need enough room to establish and maintain a hierarchy. Decorations which provide line of sight blocks will be appreciated when a fish needs to retire and find a bit of peace.

Diet: Peaceful Omnivore. These fish are not picky at all. They will readily eat standard aquarium fare including flakes, pellets, wafers, Repashy, frozen foods, and live foods.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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