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Aplocheilichthys spilauchen "Majidun" - Orange Eyes!

Aplocheilichthys spilauchen "Majidun" CI-DF11-6-2018

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Aplocheilichthys spilauchen "Majidun" CI-DF11-6-2018 might be hard to say, but these fish have turned out to be very easy to keep. This lampeye killifish is almost impossible to find in the hobby and I have been looking for these since the '90's. I am so thrilled to finally have some to distribute!

These are hardy, peaceful fish that get about 2 inches in length. They are eating well on flake food, pellets, frozen food, live food, and Repashy. These can be kept in pairs but will do best in a group...the more the merrier. A large group of bright orange eyes floating around the tank is impressive indeed!

Please see the accompanying video for further information and to see the actual fish for sale.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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