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Aphyosemion calliurum "Ogun" Killifish

Aphyosemion calliurum "Ogun"

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Details -

Aphyosemion calliurum "Ogun" (Killifish)

Natural Range: Nigeria

Source: Harvested from Nature

Estimated Size at Shipping: 0.75"-1", give or take a bit

Max Size: 2", but we've never seen them get bigger than 1.5" or so.

Sold as pairs

Overview: This Killifish is stunning! A very easy fish to care for, these fish will thrive in just about any conditions and will breed readily. They can be kept in pairs in small tanks as a great beginner breeding project, but here at Dan's Fish we like to keep them in a large colony in a 75g aquarium.

Check out the video link below for a great in-depth guide to keeping this fish!

Setup Considerations: Provide a spawning mop or plants, and you will likely see a lot of neat breeding displays and spawning behavior.

Specific Care Requirements: Will thrive in standard aquarium parameters. Killifish are notorious jumpers, so keep a tight-fitting lid with absolutely no gaps to ensure the fish stay in your tank.

Diet: Omnivore. This fish is currently eating a well-rounded diet of prepared foods like pellets and flakes, as well as frozen and love foods.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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