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Blackberry Silver Dollar

Myleus schomburgkii

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Natural Range: Rio Nanay and Rio Orinoco River Basins

Source: Tank Bred and Born

Estimated Size at Shipping: 3 - 4", give or take a bit.

Max Size: 12-15", but usually closer to 6"-8" even after 5 years of age.

The literature online claims they only grow to about 4.5", but a comment on my weekly Youtube livestream brought a video to my attention which shows that they can in fact can grow up to 15" if kept in a very large tank for 10 or more years.

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Overview: In our opinion, this is the most beautiful of the Silver Dollars. These are large, hardy fish that are quick enough, and bold enough, to hold their own even though they have a naturally peaceful disposition. A group of these is a wonderful addition to a large community aquarium with appropriately sized fish and they make great dithers for shy fish.

Setup Considerations: These fish like to eat veggies, so they often chow down on plants. A tank with rocks, driftwood, and other hard scape will serve them well, but we'd advise you to leave the plants in other aquariums.

Specific Care Requirements: These fish rather skittish and shy for the first few weeks after arrival and will seek an overhanging shelter or other shaded area until they settle in. Having branches or some other decorations which extend to the upper 1/3rd of the water column and have plenty of space below for the fish to hang under the shelter will help them feel more comfortable as they are getting used to their new home.

These fish can jump, so a lid is highly recommended.

Diet: Omnivore: These fish are not picky and will take a wide variety of foods. However, even though they are omnivores, they need a high percentage of vegetable matter in their diet, so don't go too hard with the animal protein based foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables, canned French-cut green beans, algae wafers, veggie-based Repashy, and aquarium plant trimmings can all be part of the feeding rotation.

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