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Dwarf Amber Barb

Barboides gracilis

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Natural Range: West/Central Africa

Source: Wild Caught

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Overview: Barboides gracilis are a nano fish native to West and Central Africa. Unlike most African species which come from hard water with a high pH, this fish hails from still or slow-moving streams which tend to have higher amounts of tannins and an acidic pH.

This fish is very peaceful, and because of its small size is perfect for nano tanks. It's bright coloration makes it an ideal choice as an addition to a beautifully aquascaped tank. Coming from slow moving acidic water, this fish is used to being surrounded by aquatic plants and driftwood. It is commonly found in creeks and rivers with sandy bottoms.

While it is a peaceful fish, because of its small size it is best not to keep this fish in a community aquarium that may have larger fish. Despite being a calm peaceful fish, it may make for a tasty treat for your other community fish.

Barboides gracilis are schooling fish, and will exhibit the most social behavior when kept in groups … the bigger the better. Larger groups tend to lead to more secure fish who in turn spend more time out enjoying their tank and showing off.

Setup Considerations: Not a particularly active swimmer, so they don't need a large aquarium, even for a group.

Specific Care Requirements: This fish is a slow eater and is slim, so it benefits from having a long time to feed. Small live foods, large sinking pellets, wafers, and Repashy make this easy. Put in enough food for them to graze on for a couple of hours, and they will do just fine.

Diet: Omnivore. Common literature suggests this fish does not easily take to prepared foods and requires live or frozen foods. However, this fish is currently eating a well-rounded diet of prepared foods like pellets and flakes, as well as frozen and love foods.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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