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African Butterfly Fish

Pantodon buchholzi

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Details -

Natural Range: West Africa. Ours came from Nigeria

Source: Harvested from the Wild

Estimated Size at Shipping: 3", give or take a bit

Max Size: 4.5"

Sold unsexed

Overview: One of the most unique fish out there, these are a dedicated top dweller. They are peaceful, hardy, and so very, very cool looking. They are closely related to the arowanas, but stay small and have exaggerated finniage in order to mimic floating leaves.

Setup Considerations: These are dedicated surface dwellers, so they are expert jumpers. In fact, they don't so much jump as glide like a freshwater version of a flying fish. Please keep a lid on the aquarium or they will eventually jump out. Because of its long, trailing fins, it is best not to keep these with fin-nipping fish.

Specific Care Requirements: They need some surface cover to retire under when they feel threatened. It doesn't need to cover the entire aquarium, but something on the order of 8" square or larger would be appreciated. This can consist of floating plants, plastic Easter grass, floating turtle logs, or just a sheet of Styrofoam.

Diet: Peaceful Predator: They will eat most standard aquarium fare including flakes and pellets as long as it is floating. Once the food sinks, it will be ignored. The occasional fruit fly, cricket, or other insect will be much appreciated as insects make up the majority of this fish's diet in nature.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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