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Licorice Gourami

Parosphromenus sp.

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Details -

Estimated size at shipping: 0.75-1"

Max Size: around 1-1.5"

Sold as: Unsexed


Sold to us as P. deissneri, but we doubt that and are unsure of what species we have.

At around an inch and a half total length, this is a giant among Licorice Gouramis. Because they come from soft, acidic, blackwater habitats in the wild, and because of their small size, they have a reputation for being delicate and hard to keep. This has not been our experience here at Dan's Fish. Freshly imported specimens are indeed fragile, as are many species, but, once they become accustomed to aquarium life, it has been our experience that they are actually quite hardy even in hard/alkaline water IF the water is kept clean AND the fish have had time to settle in and acclimate to aquarium life post-import.

Setup Considerations:

These small fish come from still waters and don't appreciate a lot of current. They can be kept in small aquariums, but need stable water conditions and these can be hard to achieve in small quarters. Also, they feed slowly and will be outcompeted by boisterous fish and/or species which hog food.

Licorice gouramis appreciate caves which they use as home base. In the wild, these are often curled up leaves which have sunk to the bottom. In the aquariums, rockwork, wood, pipes, plants, and many other materials can be used as cover.

Diet: Carnivore

These fish relish small live foods such as newly hatched brine shrimp and microworms, but they will also take standard aquarium fare. Ours graze on large carnivore pellets, Repashy, and the occasional algae wafer as well as taking flakes, and small pellets. They are not difficult to feed as long as they can get the food into their tiny mouths.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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