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Redfin Bala Shark

Cyclocheilichthys janthochir

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Details -

Natural Range: Borneo, Indonesian provinces of West and Central Kalimantan

Source: Tank bred and raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 2"

Max Size: 7"-8"

Sold unsexed

Overview: The Redfin Bala Shark is a larger barb species that lives in streams and rivers. It is a shoaling (schooling) fish that will display its best colors and most interesting behavior in a small group. The species name, janthochir, refers to its violet colored pectoral fins. In our experience, these fish are peaceful, hardy, and easy to feed and care for. They are similar to Roseline Barbs in temperament and behavior.

Setup Considerations: This fish attains a rather large size of 7"-8" and like to be in groups, so need a spacious tank in order to be healthy and happy long term.

Specific Care Requirements: Not difficult to maintain as long as water quality is maintained.

Diet: Omnivorous. Will gladly take prepared foods as well as frozen and live.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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