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Albino Threadfin Acara

Acarichthys heckelii

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Natural Range: Northern Amazon Basin

Source: Tank Bred and Raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 1.25-1.5"

Max Size: 6-8in

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Overview: These are one of our favorites. They will all rush up to the front of the aquarium glass and follow our hands in a group in the hopes of being fed. Once they have settled in, they are very personable fish.

The Threadfin Acara is a relatively peaceful South American Cichlid. It is suitable for most peaceful community aquariums with companions of an appropriate size. Threadfin Acaras make for a fantastic centerpiece fish in an Amazon biotope.

This fish will swim in all areas of the tank, but tends to spend most of its time around the bottom. Although similar to Geophagus in appearance and temperament, it does not seem to sift the sand or dig nearly as much.

Setup Considerations: These are curious fish and appreciate lots of hardscape, plants, and/or other decorations which provide the nooks and crannies they like to explore as they browse for food.

Specific Care Requirements: Will thrive in standard aquarium parameters.

Diet: Peaceful Omnivore. Currently eating a variety of prepared foods (Pellets and flakes) as well as live and frozen foods. Be sure to include some veggies in the feeding rotation.

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