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Betta brownorum

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Distribution: Endemic to Borneo

Natural Range: Peninsular Malaysia, island of Sumatra Indonesia

Estimated Size at Shipping: 1-1.25"

Max Size: 1.25-1.5"

Overview: Like most members of the Betta coccina complex, these are a beautiful burgundy red fish. Some develop a large iridescent patch of green-blue color on their sides. In our experience, wild-type bettas like these are typically easy to keep and most are fairly easy to breed and raise.

Setup Considerations: All wild-type bettas are expert jumpers, so be sure the aquarium has a tight lid. In addition, they don't like to fight strong water flow. While some species do come from flowing streams, they chose the slow areas on the stream margins and shelter in vegetation. They will quickly tire if they constantly have to fight against a current.

Specific Care Requirements: These fish do best when there is shelter in the form of caves and/or dense plants in sections of the tank where they can retire as needed. If sufficient shelters are provided, they can be kept in groups long-term. If there is inadequate shelter, then a few fish will become dominant and constantly harass the others.

Diet: Peaceful Carnivore: These fish are not picky eaters. They will readily accept standard aquarium fare, but will benefit from occasional feedings of frozen and/or live foods.

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