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Aspidoras raimundi

Aspidoras raimundi

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Natural Range: Brazil (Parnaíba River basin)

Source: Tank Bred and Raised

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Lineage 2 "Aspidoras":

Corydoras type fishes come from 9 distinct lineages. For the most part, the species in the Brochis, Aspidoras, and Scleromystax lineages have already been assigned to distinct genera. The remaining lineages are also likely to be split into their own genera once taxonomists get around to reviewing the groupings.

Overview: The Aspidoras raimundi, sometimes called the "False Corydoras" is a terrific community fish. As a schooling fish it should be kept in groups, and will exhibit maximum social behavior in larger groups. Its native range is restricted to the Parnaíba River basin in Brazil.

The Aspidoras genus is one of the groups of fish called "armored catfish", getting its name from the Greek word for "shielded skin". Similar to Corydoras, and often indistinguishable to the naked eye, Aspidoras differ in that they possess supraoccipital fontanels. Supraoccipital fontanels are soft pieces of tissue between plates of the skull, which allow the skull to reach larger maximum sizes than their similarly-sized Corydoras counterparts.

These fish can be used in place of the more common Corydoras species in any community tank. They are peaceful and should thrive in most aquarium setups. While this fish is an egg-laying catfish like the corydoras, breeding in aquariums has proven to be a difficult task. It is believed that they are likely vigorous egg-eaters. This fish would make for an excellent breeding project for a seasoned aquarist.

Setup Considerations: These are very active, fast swimming fish...much faster than their cousins the Corydoras. They appreciate room to swim.

Specific Care Requirements: As a schooling fish, this fish should be kept in groups … the more the better. They will thrive in standard aquarium parameters.

Diet: Omnivore. This fish is currently eating a well-rounded diet of prepared foods like pellets and flakes, as well as frozen and live foods.

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