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Pseudomugil paludicola

Aquarium Bred and Raised

Pseudomugil paludicola

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Estimated Size at Shipping: 1" give or take a bit

This fish is super REALLY RARE. I've never seen them before in my life. I don't know much about them because there is very little information available. I'm caring for them as I do any of the more common blue eyes (furcatus, luminatus, gertrudae, etc.) and they seem to be undemanding and are doing just fine and don't seem to need any special parameters. They are eating well on flakes, pellets, frozen foods, and live foods.

These are so new to me that I'm not sure how to sex them with 100% least not at this size. I THINK I see some male and some females, but I'm not positive and I have no clue as to the sex of the majority of them. For that reason, these are sold unsexed. However, if you want to breed them let me know in the notes at checkout and I'll do my very best to get you both sexes. My suggestion would be to get a group so the gender ratio odds are more likely to fall in your favor.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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