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Scleromystax barbatus

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These are bigger than your average "cory type" catfish and can grow to around 4" fact, they might be the biggest. The fish currently for sale are juveniles around 1"-1.5" in size, give or take a bit.

Being from Southern Brazil, they can take cooler temperatures than your average "cory type" catfish..the low 60's F is not a problem for these guys.

Also, while these fish do shoal together, they are different than most cory type fish in that the males are territorial and will chase other males out of their claimed area.

The fish for sale are eating well on anything that sinks to the bottom of the aquarium...flakes, pellets, wafers, Repashy, frozen foods, live name it, they eat it!

Lineage 3 "Scleromystax":

Corydoras type fishes come from 9 distinct lineages. For the most part, the species in the Brochis, Aspidoras, and Scleromystax lineages have already been assigned to distinct genera. The remaining lineages are also likely to be split into their own genera once taxonomists get around to reviewing the groupings.

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