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Orange Venezuelan Cory

Hobbyist Bred and Raised in the USA

Corydoras venezuelanus

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Natural Range: Orinoco Llanos, Venezuela

Source: Tank Bred and Raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 0.75-1", give or take a bit

Max Size: A bit over 2"

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Lineage 7 "Osteogaster":

Corydoras come from 9 distinct lineages. For the most part, the species in the Brochis, Aspidoras, and Scleromystax lineages have already been assigned to distinct genera. The remaining lineages are also likely to be split into their own genera once taxonomists get around to reviewing the groupings.

Overview: One of the prettiest corys out there, all the Orange Venezuelan Corys in the trade are thought to be descended from specimens collected by Hans-Georg Evers and Ingo Seidel in 1992. They have a bright orange region on the upper body directly behind the head, contrasted by a dark blotch which gives way to a faint orange color on the back half of the body. These are very attractive corys.

All Corydoras (Corys for short) we have ever kept are perfect citizens in aquariums. They are peaceful, gregarious, and entertaining.

Setup Considerations: Although it is not strictly necessary, all corys will appreciate fine sand substrate to sift through. Watching them do so as they look for food is endlessly entertaining.

Specific Care Requirements: Corys are highly gregarious fish which rely on each other to feel secure. If they had a motto, it would be "Safety in numbers." If kept singly or in small numbers, they will survive. If kept in large groups, they will thrive and reward the aquarist with their "clown car" group antics.

Diet: Peaceful Carnivores: Corys need a lot of protein in their diet. Sinking pellets and wafers, Repashy, frozen, and live foods are all appreciated. To round out the diet, we feed algae wafers, frozen spirulina brine shrimp, or other foods containing veggies every few days.

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