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Electric Blue Acara


Andinoacara pulcher

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Natural Range: South America (Trinidad, Tobago, Venezuela)

Source: These were hobbyist bred and raised right here at Dan's Fish.

Estimated Size at Shipping: 1.5-2.5" give or take a bit.

Max Size: 6", but usually 3" for females and 5" for males.

Sold unsexed

Overview: The Electric Blue Acara is a perfect entry to the world of larger South American cichlids. This brightly colored fish is one of the most peaceful cichlids at this size, making it perfect for community aquariums.

While this fish is relatively peaceful, be sure to keep it with larger enough tankmates. Smaller fish such as small tetras or fry may be eaten if they fit in the acara's mouth.

South American cichlids are notorious diggers. While the electric blue acara is better about this than most, it still may uproot live plants or other decorations. It has never done so in our planted tanks, but this might be one to avoid in a perfectly aquascaped planted aquarium. Rhizome plants such as anubias or java fern may hold up better than other plants in a tank with this fish.

Setup Considerations: Even though these are peaceful for a cichlid, they are still a cichlid. If you keep more than one or a pair, be sure to give everyone enough room to establish their own territories. Decorations/plants which provide line-of-sight restrictions between territories can help.

Specific Care Requirements: Will thrive in standard aquarium parameters. Keep as an individual centerpiece fish, in a pair, or in larger groups to avoid aggression.

Diet: Carnivore / Omnivore. This fish is currently eating a well-rounded diet of prepared foods like pellets and flakes, as well as frozen and love foods. Because this fish is a carnivore, be sure to include protein-rich foods in its diet.

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