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Two Spot Catfish

Mystus bimaculatus

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Details -

Natural Range: Sumatra, Indonesia

Estimated Size at Shipping: 2.5 - 3"

Max Size: Many sources state they grow to about 2.5," but we have had specimens in our care that grew to 3"-4".

Sold Unsexed.

Overview: The Two Spot Mystus is a small peaceful catfish that likes to be kept in groups. Their peaceful nature makes them an interesting addition to anyone looking to add a catfish to their Asian biotope aquarium.

Setup Considerations: They will appreciate decor such as plants or driftwood and will be more comfortable and outgoing if plenty of cover is provided.

Specific Care Requirements: These fish are hardy and will tolerate a wide range of water parameters.

Diet: Not picky at all. Will eat prepared, live and frozen foods. Anything that fits in their mouth.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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