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Pygmy Cory

Corydoras pygmaeus

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Details -

Natural Range: Amazon tributaries, Brazil

Source: Tank Bred and raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 0.5"

Max Size: Right around 1"

Sold unsexed

Lineage 4 "Microcorydoras":

Corydoras type fishes come from 9 distinct lineages. For the most part, the species in the Brochis, Aspidoras, and Scleromystax lineages have already been assigned to distinct genera. The remaining lineages are also likely to be split into their own genera once taxonomists get around to reviewing the groupings.

Overview: The cutest of corys! This is one of the dwarf Corydoras, but what they lack in size they make up for in personality. An active schooling species, they are out and about and constantly searching for bits of food. They often leave the substrate as a group and swim in the bottom ⅓ of the water column. These are peaceful, gregarious fish that make excellent tankmates for community fish of an appropriate size.

Setup Considerations: Although this fish is small, it is very active and needs to be kept in groups, so a tank of adequate size is called for. They appreciate plants and/or decorations and will often perch on them to rest between bouts of forging for food.

Specific Care Requirements: This is a gregarious schooling fish which needs others of its kind to feel comfortable. Pygmy Corys only truly thrive when kept in a group...the bigger the better.

Diet: Omnivore. Corydoras need protein rich foods in order to thrive. Unfortunately, they are often sold as "cleaner" fish with the expectation that they will get enough nutrition by sucking algae and other gunk from the substrate. While they do need some plant matter in their diet, they are not effective algae eaters. In fact, for optimal health, it is recommended that they be target fed a variety of sinking pellets and wafers, as well as the occasional offering of frozen and live foods. They can eat quite a lot, but are somewhat slow feeders. We have found that regularly feeding long-lasting foods such as large pellets, wafers, and Repashy and letting the Corys graze on these foods for a few hours at a time helps keep them fat and sassy.

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