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Amazon Puffer -Small

Harvested from Nature

Colomesus asellus

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Source: Harvested from Nature

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Peaceful. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of this fish. The second thing that comes to mind: Fresh Water. Unlike most puffers, this species can be kept together in groups and with other community fish. And they can be kept in fresh water for their entire life. This makes them, along with Tetradon schoutedeni, a delightful anomaly in the world of small-ish puffers.

All of our puffers are dewormed with Praziquantel, Metronidazole, Flubendazole, and Levamisole upon arrival.

Here is an article I wrote about this species.

And a video.

Diet: Carnivore

They require a meaty diet and need shelled foods, such as snails and/or Repashy infused with crushed oyster shell, in order to keep their beaks trimmed down. Mine also love chasing scuds around the tank. They will also eat frozen bloodworms for variety and most livefoods.

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