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Rosy Bitterling

Rhodeus ocellatus

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This is the best group of these fish I have ever received...healthy and robust from day 1.

Great for patio ponds and other "summer tubbing" projects, these are from temperate climates and do well from the 50's F to the 70's F. They need well oxygenated water are an ideal fish for an unheated aquarium. In my opinion, these are the prettiest of the bitterlings.

They are a very active fish, reminding me of Neon Dwarf Rainbows due to their metallic sheen and red colors. In my experience, they have always been peaceful. MIne are out-and-about, but they are somewhat shy if kept in small numbers. In small numbers, they benefit greatly from having tank mates as these will help them feel comfortable.

This species grows around 2"-2.5". The fish for sale are a bit over half grown at around 1.25" - 1.5", give or take a bit. They are not picky and are eating well on flakes, pellets, algae wafers, live foods, frozen foods, and Repashy.

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Location: Wyoming, United States

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