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May 2023-2024: 98.87%

For the last 12 months over 98% of the fish we've sent have arrived alive and thrived for our customers. This is based on customer feedback and refund requests.

Though not perfect, we're making great progress and constantly working to help our customers reach their goals.

All Ratings: 4.95/5.0

"All fish/shrimp were packaged extremely well and the order shipped exactly when they said it would. Days later no sign of illnesses and they are all a..."


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At Dan's Fish, we're so confident our fish will arrive alive and healthy that we'll refund the cost of any lost fish and the applicable portion of the order shipping cost. If there's a problem, just follow the instructions for activating our guarantee.

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We are actively working to create a more humane experience for our fish. We do this by shortening transport times, making sure fish are not overcrowded, working with a Certified Aquatic Veterinarian to make sure our fish are thriving before they are sold, and by individually bagging fish when we send them to our customers. The result is healthy fish that thrive long-term in our customers' aquariums.

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